Popular virtual reality rhythm game Beat Saber could be one title that Apple is planning to promote for its upcoming AR/VR headset, according to a tweet shared by Beat Games co-founder Jaroslav Beck.

Beck today shared a tweet about June 5th, saying that the date would be “🍿🕶️,” which seems to hint that a version of Beat Saber for the Apple AR/VR headset could perhaps be part of Apple’s presentation. Beat Saber for Apple’s platform is just speculation at this point, but Beck does not regularly tweet about Apple, and would seemingly have no reason to comment on the event.

Rumors have suggested that Apple is already working with select game developers to help them update existing content for mixed reality, and Beat Games could be one of the companies that Apple is working with. Beat Saber is one of the most well-known virtual reality games.

Players are tasked with using arm gestures to slash beats timed to music in a futuristic virtual environment. As the game involves both dancing and movement, it has been used as an exercise tool. Apple plans to promote the headset as a fitness device in addition to a gaming and media consumption device.

Earlier this week, the founder of the company behind survival game “No Man’s Sky” tweeted an Apple emoji, which also led to speculation that No Man’s Sky will have an announcement for Apple’s platforms at WWDC. No Man’s Sky is available for several VR platforms, such as the PlayStation VR.

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Apple has been hinting at the headset this week, teasing the dawn of a “new era” on Twitter and “coding new worlds” on its developer site. Multiple rumors indicate that Apple is ready to show off the AR/VR headset and the xrOS software that will run on it, and while it won’t launch until later this year, announcing in June will give developers time to create virtual reality experiences for the device.

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