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TikTok launches new AI ad script generator


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TikTok has launched a free AI tool that can create scripts in a matter of seconds. The feature, called Script Generator, is available to all TikTok Creative Center users with a desktop TikTok for Business account.

Why we care: The Script Generator will make life easier for advertisers by generating scripts for them. And the best part is, if digital marketers happen to hate the scripts generated, they have the option to run their enquiry again, as many times as they like, for no cost at all as the tool is completely free.

How it works: Advertisers will simply have to enter in some basic information about the services or products they’re offering (e.g., the product name, item description, relevant keywords) and then choose whether they would like a 15-30 second or 31-60 second clip.

After inputting all the information, you can simply click Generate scripts. This will produce various video scripts with hooks, scenes, calls to action and visual/audio cues.

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Is there a catch? As with all AI-generated content, there is a risk of inaccurate information being published. Advertisers who rely solely on this method may also find their content becomes generic with no originality as AI content is created using existing trends, which could be bad for branding. This could also potentially result in a drop in engagement.

What has TikTok said? The company has warned digital marketers that they shouldn’t rely solely on AI-generated scripts as there is a risk of inaccuracies. It explained in a statement:

“TikTok does not make any promises or guarantees regarding the content generated by Script Generator. It is solely your decision whether to utilize and/or publish content created using the Script Generator in any ad or other material. You are solely responsible for any content created using Script Generator, including ensuring that such content is accurate and complies with applicable laws and regulations, and this content is not endorsed, sponsored, or approved by TikTok.”

However, Anton Reyniers, Google’s Head of Creative Partnerships APAC, praised the new tool, stating:

  • “TikTok are streets ahead in their genuine understanding of creative’s importance.”
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The big picture: While AI-generated content can be a great PPC tool (see: A Google Ads script that uses GPT to write RSAs), AI auto-generated content is not always accurate (as stressed by TikTok). So it could potentially be risky to rely solely on this method so humans remain a necessity in PPC.

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