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The Best Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations Around the World


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Traveling with your dog can be ruff (see what we did there?). Between finding pet-friendly hotels, dealing with transportation, and making sure the dog is always on his best behavior, vacations with dogs can quickly go to the dogs. 

But fear not we have got your back, wanderers! We came up with a list of amazing destinations around the world that are suitable for you and your dogs. 

In this article we will start from dog-centric cities to pet-pampering resorts, certain places seem to just get that a dog isn’t just a pet, they’re part of the family. So, without further ado let’s begin this adventure.

How to choose a dog-friendly destination? 

Choosing a dog-friendly destination requires careful planning and consideration for both your pet’s needs and the travel guidelines. Here is a basic idea of things you must keep in mind while planning your travel: 

  • Dog-Friendly Destinations: Look for destinations that have a reputation for being welcoming to dogs: Coastal areas, cities with ample parks, and places with a pet-friendly culture are often ideal. Ensure that the destination has amenities suitable for your dog’s size and breed.
  • Dog’s Itinerary: Include visits to dog-friendly parks, beaches, and attractions. Make sure to factor in rest stops for bathroom breaks and playtime. Check if there are any dog events or meet-ups happening during your stay. It’s a great way for your dog to socialize and make some furry friends.
  • Accommodations: Choose accommodations that not only tolerate but embrace dogs. Look for hotels, guesthouses, or holiday rentals that explicitly state they are pet-friendly. Ensure that the accommodation provides amenities for dogs, such as water bowls, pet beds, and, if possible, a designated area for them to stretch their legs.
  • Essentials: Pack a travel bag for your dog, including essentials such as their regular food, water bowls, favorite toys, and grooming supplies. Depending on the climate, consider packing a cooling vest or the best waterproof dog coat with legs uk. It’s essential to keep your pet comfortable in changing weather.
  • Health and Safety: Schedule a visit to the vet before your trip to ensure your dog is in good health and up to date on vaccinations. Bring a copy of your dog’s medical records, including vaccination certificates, in case they are needed during your travels. Use a travel crate or a harness to ensure their safety. If you’re flying then research requirements for pet travel.
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Carry an emergency first aid kit, just in case. This should include items like bandages, antiseptic wipes, and any necessary medications.

Identify the location of nearby vet clinics or pet hospitals at your destination. After packing these essentials let’s move to the fun part, let’s see some dog-friendly travel destinations in the world.

North America

North America is vast, there is everything beaches, deserts, snow, whatever you like. So, if you are planning to visit then keep these dog-friendly places on your bucket list as well:

San Diego, California

Miles of off-leash dog beaches like Ocean Beach and Coronado. Can run and swim. Hiking trails like Cowles Mountain and Mission Trails where leashed dogs can join. 

Many hotels allow pets like Hotel Indigo and Best Western Plus. Some offer dog beds, bowls, and treats. Several pet stores, groomers, and sitters are available for supplies and services.

Portland, Oregon 

Hundreds of parks and trails are open to dogs like Laurelhurst Park and Leash Your Fitness. Many dog-friendly businesses like pubs with water bowls/treats and dog bakeries. 

Events and activities just for dogs like the Dachshund Dash and Pug Crawl. Mild weather is ideal for being outdoors with pets most of the year.

Austin, Texas

Zilker Park and Auditorium Shores have large off-leash areas for dogs to play. Patio dining at restaurants along South Congress is very dog-friendly. 

Lady Bird Lake trails are popular for walking dogs by the water. Barton Springs allows dogs to swim in the shallow end of the natural pool.

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Central & South America 

A mild year-round climate is good for dogs and Central & South America can be a good travel-friendly destination: 

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

A historic city with a pet-friendly culture. Dogs are allowed in most public spaces. Scenic walking trails like the Botanical Garden and El Charco del Ingenio. 

Good for leashed dogs. Pet-friendly accommodations like Casa de la Cuesta offer dog beds, bowls, and treats.

Antigua, Guatemala

Walkable cobblestone streets and colonial architecture make for nice strolls with dogs. 

Many inns, B&Bs, and vacation rentals allow pets like El Convento and Los Pasos. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Large dog parks like Parque Sarmiento where dogs can play off-leash. Some have doggy playground equipment. 

Restaurant patios in Palermo and Recoleta welcome diners with dogs. Dog walking and pet sitting services are easily available through companies like Waggy Tails.


Europe has many historic and scenic places for you to have a great time, The cherry on top is that many places are dog-friendly too, let’s look at them:

Paris, France

Dogs can dine on restaurant patios and shop in stores. Paris is very dog-friendly. 

Luxury pet hotels like La Clef des Champs offer grooming, daycare, and training. Walking trails in parks like Luxembourg Gardens and Champ de Mars.

Barcelona, Spain 

Miles of dog-friendly beaches for playing and swimming. Public transport like buses, metro, and taxis are very welcoming to dogs. 

Many hotels allow pets like the trendy Casa Bonay and the luxurious Hotel Omm.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Dogs are allowed on scenic 6 km path around the lake and in town. 

Hiking trails like Ojstrica Peak have spectacular views and are dog-friendly. Most restaurants with outdoor seating allow dogs.

Cornwall, United Kingdom

There are many things to do in Cornwall with dogs: beaches, lighthouses, harbors, and miles of coastal paths that allow dogs to hike and have a great time. 

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Many cottages, B&Bs, and hotels allow dogs like The Scarlet Hotel and Fento Bed & Breakfast. Dog-friendly attractions like National Seal Sanctuary and dog-walking services are available.


Long beaches to soak the sun and adventurous trails, Africa has it all. Here are the dog-friendly destinations that are a must on your list:

Cape Town, South Africa

Miles of beaches allow dogs like Clifton Beach and Camps Bay Beach. Can walk and swim. Easy access to scenic dog walks and hikes in Table Mountain National Park. 

Leashed dogs are welcome. The Constantia wine region is very dog-friendly with wine tastings and restaurants that allow dogs.

Marrakech, Morocco

Walled medieval city with pet-friendly riads, and courtyard hotels with fountains and gardens. Walking trails just outside the city in palm groves and the Atlas Mountains are open to dogs on leashes. 

Souks and markets allow well-behaved dogs. Good opportunity to practice leash skills. Pet transport is available to and from the airport for stress-free travel.


Asia is a vast content. There are many dog-friendly places for you to visit, here are some of them:

Kyoto, Japan

Historic temples like Kiyomizu-dera, shrines, and gardens allow leashed dogs. 

Professional dog walking services like WanWan Kyoto provide walks and pet sitting. Pet-friendly hotels have amenities like food bowls, beds, and treats.

Bali, Indonesia 

Many villas, resorts, and hotels allow pets like Ametis Villa and Puri Wulandari. Some provide dog beds, bowls, and towels. 

Sandy beaches allow dogs to be near Seminyak. Great for active, water-loving dogs. Balinese culture embraces dogs. 

They are welcome in most restaurants and shops. Ubud is very dog-friendly with access to rice paddy walks and jungle trails.


It’s a wrap travelers, this was our short list but the world is huge and filled with many great dog-friendly places for you to visit. 

While it is impossible to name the absolute best you can keep track of places where your dog is the most excited and wagging his tail with joy. 

The key to this is planning and smooth execution in the end you will have an amazing vacation. And where you are there just forget the hassle and explore with your loyal friend by your side!


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