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Know Alison Victoria’s measurements, partners, age, & more


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Are you searching for Alison Victoria’s measurements, age, height, and other body features? Then I can assure you that you are at the right place. Who is not familiar with Alison Victoria? She is one of the most attractive women and a well famed TV personality. She is one of the highest-paid interior designers in the USA. Alison has designed many of the celebrities’ houses in LA from the Kardashians to famed sports persons such as Mike Tyson. Since her childhood, Alison Victoria has always been interested in establishing her name in the creative work industry and so far she has done justice to herself. She has over two decades of experience in the interior design domain and recently launched her brand. 

Apart from being an interior designer, Alison also actively hosts and presents TV shows which made a significant contribution to her work and she became more popular. She is in her early forties but still looks quite youthful. People are always curious to know and dig more into Alison Victoria’s measurements, size, personal life, partners, education, and children. So in this blog, all these aspects will be given comprehensive coverage and give you the best information out there regarding her work, personal life, professional life, and more. 

Alison Victoria’s age and DOB:

Alison Victoria was born on 31 October 1981 in Chicago Illinois in the suburbs of Alison. Throughout her life, she has lived in America but often traveled to cities or abroad for excursions and work related tours. 

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Alison Victoria’s early life and educational background:

As already mentioned, Alison was born in Chicago Illinois where she completed her initial studies in high school. Later Alison moved to Nevada to pursue her graduation in the field of interior design. Many people are unaware of the fact that her real name is not Alison Victoria but her real name is Alison Gramenos. “Alison Victoria is the name of her business venture. Soon after she graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, she was offered an internship to lead the “Park City Tuhaye Project ” in the year 2004. She spent nearly three years and resigned in 2007 two years after being inducted into the organization. After her resignation, she opened her venture “Alison Victoria Interiors” which is still operational and booming. Details regarding her parents and other siblings are unknown. 

Alison Victoria’s career:

  • After opening her venture, her organization never faced any crisis because of Alison’s business acumen. But she is also a TV presenter and is known for hosting the “Crasher” series which premiered on HGTV and DIY network. So far Alison has a diverse set of experience in designing interiors of houses, flats, cafes, boutiques, and other buildings. Initially, Alison Victoria was an outsourced writer and designer for the “Crasher” series with zero on-screen exposure but very soon she became the host of “Kitchen Crashers” and was the first woman to host the show. It was the first time when people saw her onscreen. 
  • In the year 2019, a new show called “Windy City Rehab” emerged featuring Alison Victoria who would narrow down a few houses from her neighborhood and design them with additional modifications so that it could be sold out for better profits. So far four seasons of the show have premiered with 38 episodes but Alison’s last appearance was in 2nd season where she diluted her partnership with Donovan Eckhardt. The main reason for their split was also aired which showed that Donovan Eckhart had been laundering money to his companies from the shared business account.  The sum amount was over $180,000 that had been laundered so far. Soon the matters escalated between Alison and Donovan and both sought the court’s help for a partial resolution. Alison also claimed that the spending expenditure had to be covered by her own money which amounted to more than 700000 dollars. She also revealed that her actions to break ties and seek resolution from the court were expensive but she was hesitant to keep her name clean out of this mess. 
  • June 2020 was the year when she was offered to host another show named “Flipping Across America” which was themed similarly to “Kitchen Crackers”. After this another show that focused the limelight again on Alison Victoria was “Ty Breaker” whose format was based on giving new interiors to families. This show was also available on HGTV and had 8 episodes. For all her appearances, her work was recognised and new leads were generated for her interior design agency. 
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Alison Victoria’s personal life:

Only a few details about her past relationships are available but currently, Alison Victoria is married to Luke Harding who works as an insurance agent in Chicago. The duo first met in a dating site in 2011 but both of them hit it off and began dating. After dating Luke Harding for 2 years, Alison Victoria and her husband Luke Harding finally married in 2013 but in the year 2019, the couple filed for a divorce. During all those years of marriage, the couple did not have any children. 

Alison Victoria measurements:

Due to her stunning and bold outward appearance, her personality is fantasized by many. Despite being actively involved in work for all these years, Alison Victoria has still maintained the charm and glow on her face. She regularly works out and is a very health-conscious individual. Alison Victoria has always supported the Keto diet and often gives tips regarding the same on Instagram. Alison Victoria’s measurements depict a golden figure of a desirable body. Her measurements around breads are 37 inches, her waist measures 25 while the measurement around the hip is again 37 inches. Her hair color keeps on changing but she is brunette originally while her skin complexion is fair. On the first look, she appears more like a TV presenter than any interior designer. To know more details in tabular form, check the table below

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